Coping With the First Few Days of Your Limb Loss

You have lost your limb and I bet it is safe to say that you are you a little confused?

Has the thought of losing your limb have you scared about your life and where it is headed?

I understand where you are coming from and what you are feeling.

I felt the same exact way. Heck, I still do from time to time.

When I lost my left leg below the knee I was devastated. My world was blown up like a nuclear war.

I didn’t know where to turn or what to do next. My wife didn’t either. We were both in a state of shock and had a thousand questions with no answers.

Is this you?

Do you have a thousand questions running in your head? I bet you do.

How about we look into some ways that will help you see the broader picture and help you in coping with your limb loss.

Grief-During the first few days you are probably going to experience grief and it is normal. I mean, let’s face it. Limb loss is a major loss. It is a loss just like death. When we lose a loved one it hits us hard. We feel sadness and we mourn. Losing a limb is no different. You will experience sadness and a vast array of different emotions over your loss.

Grief comes in waves of varying degrees. The key is to accept the sadness. Let it pour out. Especially during the first few days let yourself be sad. Take this time for you.  Allow yourself to mourn and do it in your way and your time. This is good, healthy and completely okay to do so. Dealing with this head on and allowing yourself to feel these types of emotions will help you in getting stronger and a much better recovery.

Hopelessness-The feeling of hopelessness can overcome you in the first few days. This is an emotion that runs deep and is different with everyone how we experience it. You might feel hopeless about your job, finances, your spouse, your family, and even your hobbies. Hang in there. It is normal to worry about your life and the things in your life. Whatever the worry has you feeling hopeless, know that you can and will overcome.

The good news…

There are back to work rehabilitation programs and programs that help people with disabilities and their families cope with limb loss. Limb loss does affect everyone around you. Do your best to think positively and share your feelings with family. Reach out to the hospital social workers or occupational therapists for assistance in dealing with your worries and concerns. There isn’t any shame in getting help. In the early days after limb loss, I highly recommend you seek help at any time when you are experiencing any of these emotions.

Limb Loss is one of the hardest things you will ever experience and feelings such as these and more can overtake you. The essential key to overcoming and coping with your limb loss is talking and expressing your feelings. Talk candidly and openly to your friends and family along with any professional that you feel comfortable talking to.  They are there to help. Friends and family want to know your feelings and it might be extremely difficult to express your feelings, do your best to include your loved ones in your struggle.

Trust me…

They do want to be included and help. Let them in and get yourself back on the fast-track to a normal life once again.

I was able to get back to a normal life through guidance, faith and the help of my wife and the many others around me.

The best news…

I know you can too!

For more information and an in-depth real-world look into life as a new amputee get my new book LIMB LOSS LIFE-The First Days, Weeks, Months and Year as a new amputee. Visit my web site at for all the details or email me at I’d love to talk to you about your limb loss.

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