Limb Loss Life

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Limb Loss Life

Hello and welcome to my page LIMB LOSS LIFE. My name is Jeffrey A. Mangus and I am an amputee. I lost my leg Below the Knee (BKA) in December 2017. This was one of the scariest times of my life and a seed was planted to write a book that would help others overcome and adapt to a new life as an amputee.

My new book LIMB LOSS LIFE addresses every issue you as an amputee will face. This book does not hold back. It is a straight-up need-to-know guide on the first days, weeks, months and years as an amputee. This book is one of the most heart-driven pieces of work I have ever written. It was extremely difficult to write this book. I cried. I paced. And I struggled because it forced me to dig down deep to face my early ongoing fears and anxieties. I knew, to write this book completely, that I had to go through the dark to reach the light. I knew I would have to face emotions that were lying deep down. They had to be dug up, strangled and wrestled into submission to get through it the right way for you my reader. And I did.

Are you a new amputee?
Are you facing amputation or limb loss?
Are you a family member with a family member facing amputation? 

If so, this book is for you.

I hope you find this book to be your go-to resource during your limb loss journey. I hope and pray that you do.


Jeffrey A. Mangus

Excerpt from the book...

I bet I am right when I say that no one on the planet ever wishes to lose a limb. It’s just something you don’t ever think about. Until you spot the lonesome old man standing on a street corner with a fake leg made of plastic, metal and or even wood. There it is. The word Fake leg. Throughout my life, I particularly never gave that term a second thought. Times and things have changed and I do not like that term any longer. I included the term only because this is what I have always called them…up until now.

Why now you ask? Simple, I am a new amputee and just recently, as of this writing, lost my leg below the knee in December of 2017. It goes without saying that this was completely unexpected and the amputation, along with the lengthy hospitalization hit me and my family like a nuclear bomb. My life blew apart in front of my very eyes. Plus, the events leading up to what happened prior to my leg amputation was bizarre and almost killed me. I will go into that story later.

None the less, to be open and transparent, I’m writing this book and I’m not certified as a Prosthetist nor do I have a certification from any accredited prosthetic or orthotic school. I do however have a certification that I am very proud of. I am a Certified Peer Visitor (CPV) through the Amputee Coalition. In full disclosure, with that said, I am not a doctor or physical therapist. I am only a writer but I feel that I am completely qualified to write this book.

Why?  Because, I am just like you and am living the limb loss life.

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